Lampwork and blown Glass by Leah Nietz



Vessel class in progress

Supply List



This is an intermediate  to advanced class using 104COE glass. This list is assuming you  have or have access to a basic lampwork studio set up with the proper safety equipment and an  assortment of 104COE glass including black, clear and a variety of transparent  and opaque glass.  

*Graphite Marble mold with a 10mm diameter 

*Graphite paddle

*Tweezers and flat mashers

*Tungsten Pick

*A razor blade or steel knife or tool with an edge

*Five 3/16” and/or ¼” Hollow steel mandrels (not puffy mandrels) dipped in bead  release – make sure you blow out the bead release when you dip it. You can find them at Keep in mind that you will have to wait a full kiln  cycle to use them again so you may want more. If you buy less you may regret it. Look for Heavy wall stainless steel tubing here 

*corks  Choose size 00 for 1/4" steel tubes

*diamond bead reamer or file 

*Manual mix epoxy. Do not get the  kind that has the twisty premix tip.  It will not mix well enough.  The  label will have glass listed as something it bonds to. You can find it at Home  Depot, Walmart etc.

* Toothpicks

* A small, glossy surface paper  plate

*Cotton swabs (Qtips)

*Rubbing Alcohol

*Tin foil

The following are optional ( I will be using these  for some specific designs)

* Fine silver mesh -

* Double Helix Aion and Kalypso -  They can be bought by the rod here -